Terms & Conditions:

Wine sold to you is sold in California and title passes to you, the buyer, in California.  The buyer is solely responsible for shipment of wine.  We make no representation concerning your legal rights to ship or receive wine into any state outside of California or into any country outside of the United States.  In fact, there are certain states and countries that we cannot ship to.  By placing an order, you authorize us to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver your order to your selected destination.

You must be 21 years or older to buy wine.  By placing your order you certify under penalty of perjury that you and the recipient are at least 21 years old.  When the wine is delivered, the recipient will be required to show identification proving that he or she is at least 21 years old and adult signature is required.  The willful misrepresentation of your age or the age of the recipient is a crime in most states.

Purchases, Shipment & Return Policy:

We ship Monday through Friday.  In the event of extreme temperatures your shipment may be delayed to protect it from heat/cold damage.  Please notify All Ways Cool of any shipping address changes immediately as All Ways Cool is not responsible for misdirected shipments.  Once a package has been shipped, there will be a redirect fee charged to you should the address need to be changed while in transit.

It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect product upon its arrival.  If a package somehow arrives entirely damaged, please do not accept the package and call us immediately.  Wines must be returned in its original condition with all packing materials.  Unless wines are damaged or somehow defective, they may not be returned for a refund.  If you believe a wine has been damaged in shipment or is somehow defective, please contact All Ways Cool immediately or within 7 days of receipt of your wines and we will arrange for a replacement of the damaged wine, if the wine is still available.  If not available, we will offer you a substitute wine or a refund of your payment.  All costs for return shipment are the responsibility of the client, unless otherwise stated and approved in writing by All Ways Cool.  Please report product damages to us immediately: info@allwayscool.com or 707/545-7450.

During the checkout process, there is a checkbox labeled “I accept the following terms and conditions.”  By checking this checkbox you are accepting the terms and conditions and are authorizing All Ways Cool to charge the credit card supplied during the checkout process.  We will email or call you to confirm your order.  A copy of your receipt will be included in your wine shipment.

Terms and Conditions for Storage Services :                              Print Version HERE

This is a self-service storage/rental agreement under the provisions of the California Self-Storage Association (CA Business and Professions Code 21700) and the following:
All Ways Cool (Lessor), and____________________________________________________________(Lessee), hereby agree as follows:

Standard Contract:
Lessor agrees to lease, to Lessee, storage space in the Lessors Climate Controlled Storage facility at the rate of $5/case per month. In addition, a one time handling fee of $8/case will be charged to cover charges associated with receipt, storage, and preparation for shipment of the Lessee’s products. This fee may be waived if AWC does the shipping.   In addition, if directed by the Lessee, AWC will pickup wine for  Lessee based upon the following rate structure:
Sonoma County:  $5 per package        Napa Valley:  $10 per package

If the Lessee becomes delinquent in paying the administrative and handling, monthly storage, or authorized pickup charges for a period of 10 days, the Lessee grants the Lessor the right to take possession of any or all property therein, subject to remedy described in part 3 of this contract.

Preferred Contract:
Lessor agrees to lease to lessee individual storage lockers within the Lessors Climate Controlled Wine Storage Facility at the rate of $35/month for a single locker.  Additional cases will be charged a reduced storage rate of $3.50/cs, per month.  Locker rentals are contracted for a term of one year, payable in advance, and are for the sole purpose of storing wine and wine related products. The lease term shall commence _________________, and ends_________________, unless renewed prior to the end date.

Under the Preferred contract, Lessee will not be charged administration and handling costs, but will be financially liable for authorized pickups of wine by the Lessor.

1. Terms

  1. For ease of ingress, egress, and privacy, Lessee need not provide Lessor with an inventory.
  2. Any written required notice under this lease shall be to the addresses shown below for Lessor and Lessee.
  3. Lessor accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the identify of the owner of such goods or the contents of any package.
  4. The facility is climate controlled and the temperature will not exceed 60 degrees.

2. Tender for Storage and Removal

  1. All goods for storage must be delivered to the Lessor’s storage facility properly packaged for storage and handling and clearly marked with the Lessee’s name.
  2. Lessor assumes no liability, whatsoever, for any loss or damage due to, among other causes, Lessor’s handling of Lessee’s wine products and according to the California Self-Storage Facility Act(Sect. 5a)

3. Lien

  1. Lessor claims a lien against all goods delivered herewith, or any time hereafter, for storage by the Lessee and upon the proceeds of any sale thereof, for storage and service charges, and for any and all costs and expenses incurred in the maintenance of the goods and their sale pursuant to law.
  2. Any account overdue by 30 or more days will be locked by Lessor and contents of locker(s) or bulk storage will not be made available to Lessee until the account is paid in full.
  3. Any goods for which storage or other charges remain outstanding 60 days after notice thereof may be sold by Lessor. The proceeds of such sale shall first be applied to any indebtedness owing to Lessor and to any costs and expenses incurred with respect to the goods, the sale, and any efforts to collect such indebtedness. Any excess shall be remitted to the Lessee.
  4. The enforcement of the lien is authorized by the provisions of the CA Self-Storage Facility Act which is found at chapter 10 of Division 8 of the Business and Professions Code of the state of California (Section 21700 and following or under any other Provision of the law).

4. Liability

  1. Lessor assumes no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage, regardless of the cause thereof to the goods stored. Goods are stored at the Lessee’s sole risk of loss or damage from any and all causes, including damage due to Lessor’s handling of Lessee’s wine and according to the California Self-Storage Act.
  2. Lessee shall maintain insurance covering any loss or damage to Lessee’s wine.



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